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HCPC15: Historic Brewing Brew Day

The guys head up to Flagstaff once again to help brew a beer of their own creation! They are joined by friend of the show David Rosenkrantz, to help create this beast. Then once it was all said and done co-head brewers Kristen Ewer and Zack "Muffins" Stoll sit down and talk about old lady crafts, The Blair Bitch Project, clean swear words, and Mr. Wizard versus Bill Nye. Oh and we discuss Avant Chard and future plans for Historic Brewing.

HCPC 8.1 – Home Brew Pliny Clone

(NSFW) A special release episode of the Nate and Chris doing some home brewing. We plan to brew a few more beers thru out the year. So expect more to come. This one is of a Pliny the Elder clone... Continue Reading →

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