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In case you might not know, podcasts cost money to run. With hosting fees, website costs, and not to mention all those beers it takes a lot of green backs to keep this show going. Again, no matter what we’ll keep doing this show. But, with your help we can focus our attention on other costs such as taking the podcast on the road to other beerfests, talking to brewers in other states, and maybe adding some video elements to the show. Depending on how many people support us, our tiers will grow and what you have access too will grow as well.

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The easiest and best way to make sure that more people find us, is to go to iTunes and rate us. If you have time leave a review as well please, please, please do that. But, I don’t use iTunes to listen your podcast?! No matter what application you use it’s hard to ignore that iTunes is the granddaddy of them all. A lot of other apps still use the ratings and reviews in iTunes to rank our show in their app as well.


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Tell someone you know about our show! If you know that a friend likes or loves craft beer tell them to give us a listen. Or if you know someone who is new to craft beer and you are tired of telling them about the scene, let us be your soap box! Or have an amazing whale that you want to share with the world. Go on your social media platform of choice and give us a shout out. Use the hashtag #hoppycraftsmen and we’ll respond in kind.