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HCPC12: Operation Smoke Screen

(NSFW) Brandon is back! The guys go over his trip to the great white north. The dutch rudder is mentioned for the 5th episode in a row. Advances in home brew science. The ups and downs of beer trading. And... Continue Reading →

HCPC11: Operation Historic

This week's show is sans one Hoppy Craftsmen. Brandon will be skiing it up in the Great White North and trying out some of their beers. I'm sure he will have a full report when he gets back. To fill in his chair we brought in listener and friend of the show David Rosenkrantz.

Brewery Visit – Phantom Carriage

The Setup Standing in line is not one of my favorite things to do. And as I get older it takes a lot for me to even consider doing such a horrible thing. So it was pretty rare when Nate... Continue Reading →

Stoutapalooza – Part 1

The Setup So there we are standing around my kitchen, shooting the shit. It's myself, Brandon and our good friends Dave and Liz. On occasion we meet up and have mini bottle shares. Which normally we interject into some other... Continue Reading →

HCPC10: Operation Cookies

(NSFW) This week the guys decide that since everyone else is doing some kind of pairing they should too for AZ Craft Beer Week. Going along with the pairing they talk about current news for a couple Arizona breweries. They... Continue Reading →

HCPC09: Operation Strong Beer

(NSFW) This week Brandon, Nate, and Chris talk about a new brewery opening in the east valley, and four new ones opening up in the Tucson area. We go into some of the events we want to check out for Arizona... Continue Reading →

HCPC 8.1 – Home Brew Pliny Clone

(NSFW) A special release episode of the Nate and Chris doing some home brewing. We plan to brew a few more beers thru out the year. So expect more to come. This one is of a Pliny the Elder clone... Continue Reading →

Brewery Visit – Bruery Terreux

Which One? During our drive to California what started out as a simple can release trip turned into so much more. Over the course of five hours we talked about where we would like to go, and a game plan... Continue Reading →

Brewery Visit -Monkish

Finally Made It So ever since I first saw Monkish's beers being touted all over Instagram, I have really wanted to go check out the brewery and try some of them. The names alone made me curious Beats is Infinite, Interstellar Hitchhiker,... Continue Reading →

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