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Brewery Visit

Hix Farm Brewery

Shortly after I reached the age of 21, (quite some time ago) I moved to CO – a state known for skiing, mountains and beer. Until that point, Budweiser, Coors and Miller High Life (the proverbial Champaign of beers) was... Continue Reading →


Brewery Visit – Phantom Carriage

The Setup Standing in line is not one of my favorite things to do. And as I get older it takes a lot for me to even consider doing such a horrible thing. So it was pretty rare when Nate... Continue Reading →

Brewery Visit – Bruery Terreux

Which One? During our drive to California what started out as a simple can release trip turned into so much more. Over the course of five hours we talked about where we would like to go, and a game plan... Continue Reading →

Brewery Visit -Monkish

Finally Made It So ever since I first saw Monkish's beers being touted all over Instagram, I have really wanted to go check out the brewery and try some of them. The names alone made me curious Beats is Infinite, Interstellar Hitchhiker,... Continue Reading →

Brewery Visit – 12 West Brewing

With the holidays fully in the rear view mirror I thought I would take the time to do a small write up on one of the latest breweries to open in the Valley. 12 West brewing is a member of... Continue Reading →

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