The first time I  met another podcaster, the first thing we talked about was what podcasting gear each other was using. So I figured it would be great to have a page to not only let people know what we are currently using, but what gear we would like to get as well. This page will update and change as we progress thru this amazing journey.

Current Setup

This is our current setup as of September 2017. These items may vary depending on how often we update this section. If a piece of gear was upgraded we will provide a link to the old gear we used. Also, the reason why we switched or upgraded will also be included as well.

The Mixer


Mackie PROFX12V2 12-Channel Compact Mixer with USB and Effects

  • 6 low-noise Mackie Vita mic preamps add life to any input. ReadyFX effects engine with 16 effects including reverbs, delays, and choruses
  • 7-band graphic EQ for tuning mains or monitors
  • Aux output for monitor mixes, venue 70-volt systems, and more
  • 3-band EQ and 100Hz low-cut filter on all channels

The Microphones


Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB Cardioid Dynamic USB/XLR Microphone

  • Handheld dynamic microphone with USB digital output and XLR analog output
  • USB output connects to your computer for digital recording, while the XLR output connects with your sound system conventional microphone input for use in live performance
  • Smooth, extended frequency response ideally suited for pod casting, home studio recording, field recording, voice over, and on-stage use
  • Built-in headphone jack allows you to directly monitor your microphone output without audible delay
  • Cardioid polar pattern reduces pickup of unwanted sounds from the sides and rear


Audio-Technica AT2020 Cardioid Condenser Studio Microphone

  • The price/performance standard in side-address studio condenser microphone technology
  • Ideal for project/home-studio applications
  • High SPL handling and wide dynamic range provide unmatched versatility
  • Custom-engineered low-mass diaphragm provides extended frequency response and superior transient response
  • Cardioid polar pattern reduces pickup of sounds from the sides and rear, improving isolation of desired sound source


Rode Procaster Broadcast Dynamic Vocal Microphone

  • Broadcast quality sound
  • High output dynamic capsule
  • Balanced, low impedance output
  • Internal shock mounting of capsule for low handling noise
  • Internal pop-filter to reduce plosives



Electro Voice RE-20 Cardioid Microphone

  • Professional-quality dynamic cardioid microphone
  • Heavy-duty internal pop filter reduces proximity effects
  • Internal element shock mount reduces vibration-induced noise
  • Blast and wind filters cover each acoustic opening
  • Frequency response: 45Hz-18kHz
  • Case Material: Steel;Connector Type: 3-pin XLR
  • Diameter (Max) 54 mm

The Accessories


RODE PSA1 Swivel Mount Studio Microphone Boom Arm


RODE SM6 Shock Mount with Integrated Pop Shield


On Stage Foam Ball-Type Mic Windscreen, Blue


CBI MLC20 Low Z XLR Microphone Cable, 20 Foot

The Wish List

Knox Gear Cardioid USB/XLR Microphone

Proline MS112 Desktop Boom Mic Stand

Mackie Mixer bag for ProFX12


The Old Gear



  • Why: We upgraded to a bigger mixer, with three hosts it only left room for one xlr channel which made it hard when we had multiple guests.
  • Info: Premium ultra-low noise, high headroom analog mixer
  • 4 state-of-the-art XENYX, phantom-powered Mic Preamps comparable to stand-alone boutique preamps
  • 4 studio-grade compressors with super-easy “one-knob” functionality and control LED for professional vocal and instrumental sound
  • Neo-classic “British” 3-band EQs for warm and musical sound
  • Built-in stereo USB/Audio Interface to connect directly to your computer.
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