(NSFW) This week’s show is sans one Hoppy Craftsmen. Brandon will be skiing it up in the Great White North and trying out some of their beers. I’m sure he will have a full report when he gets back. To fill in his chair we brought in listener and friend of the show David Rosenkrantz. The show also has a new location since we normally record at Studio Richardson but now were at Casa Libby. That being said we talk about our Flagstaff trip, where we hash out a new beer we will be brewing with Historic Brewing. Enjoyed some other local offers that Flagstaff has to offer. We then dive into how one of Chris’ predictions seems to be coming true, a show that Nate sort of loved if he had an hour to waste, and surprise, surprise Walmart is in trouble.

Music Credit: Porno Galactic by Concrete Dinosaur


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