Finally Made It

So ever since I first saw Monkish’s beers being touted all over Instagram, I have really wanted to go check out the brewery and try some of them. The names alone made me curious Beats is Infinite, Interstellar Hitchhiker, JFK 2 LAX, and Foggy Window to name a few. But the pictures people were posting were of this very cloudy or hazy if you will, beers was something I have never seen. This was something new , something different, my interest was definitely peaked. I have never seen a beer like this, let alone try one. This needed to be inside me as soon as possible. However, with the distance from Arizona to L.A. it would be quite some time, and many of jealous like on Instagram before I was able to try any. But, that was all going to change with our semi spontaneous trip to the OC. I was finally going to get my wish.


Not quite off white.

In my short but extensive craft beer history I have visited a few breweries. There are a few things that are universal to all of them, well at least the good ones. Don’t get me wrong there are always exceptions to the rules.But for the most part these will ring true. The first and foremost is that parking is awful. There never seems to be easy convenient parking at any of them. Monkish definitely has this going for them as well. They have a picture on their site which shows were to park and where not to for their releases. See figure A below. Which this, I am pretty certain is a by product of number two. Which is they always seem to be in some type of commercial district. Surrounded by walls and walls of non descriptive off white corrugated metal siding.  Though they were not surrounded by these off white walls, there were plenty around. Some might consider this to be a knock against Monkish. But, for me it is quite the opposite. It means that the brewery either does not care what the exterior of their business looks like, or if they do care they do not have the capitol to make it happen. Either way this means that more of their focus is being put into an amazing product. Which is clearly something Monkish shines in.

The no parking area at Monkish
Figure A – The no parking area at Monkish

The Beers

The beers did not let down. I started off with a Interstellar Hitchhiker, which is a farm house ale or saison. It was very good, I’m normally not a saison kind of guy. It’s not that I don’t like the style, they just don’t do it for me. This beer however was a little tart but had some malt backing it up that balanced it out very well. On untapped I ranked it pretty damn high at a 4.75 stars.  Wanted more but this was the first brewery of the second day, so I was pacing myself. Nate however got the Foggy Window. So when he was out on a phone call I drank some of his beer. It was everything I wanted from that beer. The aroma was amazing, it was dank, citrus, and piney all in one. It looked just like the photos online, just super hazy. The only place I can say this was lacking was in the mouth feel. It was very thin, so this was either a nod to the brewer that he was able to make such a hazy beer without having to add adjuncts. But I was just expecting to have to chew this, and I didn’t have too. Ranked it a 4.25 stars.

Two tasters, and the foggy

Next I decided to go with two tasters. Both were Belgian Strong Dark Ales, called Anomaly, and Dark Night of the Soul. The first has a taste that I could only describe as odd. It wasn’t a bad odd, but a rather good odd. The second even though it was classified as a dark ale was nothing like the first. It had a slight tartness upfront but a strong sweet taste, and a nice boozy finish. This was more my style of beers. I did not rate this on Untapped but I would have given it a 4.5 easily.

Final Thoughts

Over all the small interior of Monkish was nice. We got to briefly talk to Henry Nguyen, co-owner and brewer of Monkish. A friend of a friend told us to say hi. It went as you’d expect. “Who?” Yeah thanks friend. Anyways, the beer was great! I can see why all of their can releases get blown away, and are very heavily sought after. So if you happened to be with in driving distance, do yourself a favor and stop in. Grab an amazing beer or two, a cup of the complimentary pretzels, and just hang out. You won’t regret it.


Monkish Brewing Co.

0311 S. Western Ave. Torrance, CA 90501