With the holidays fully in the rear view mirror I thought I would take the time to do a small write up on one of the latest breweries to open in the Valley. 12 West brewing is a member of the BARNONE Craftsman Community that recently opened in Gilbert. This new brewery is definitely at home in the atmosphere that has been created in the unique Barnone development. As you walk down the hall, passing the artisan shops that fill out this barn, you are dropped into the bar. A smaller bar with some high tops for community seating, but still a great space to enjoy the beer on tap and a nice patio attached.


Not typically a fan of flights, I went against that urge this time and got a flight of six beers that 12 West had to offer, oh and a full Pint of the Frontside IPA. There were a few standouts for sure. Starting with that Frontside IPA, It was love at first site. A seriously hoppy West Coast IPA with great body. This beer has a sturdy malt backbone but it doesn’t over power and makes sure all those hops smack you in the face. I could talk about that beer more but I think I’d rather just go drink one or four. Next notables were the Wild Card Pale Ale, Fresh Prince of Bel-Ale and the Mijo Triple IPA. Each of these beers was very good and made sure I’d be back for more. I enjoyed all of the beers I drank that day but flights are hard on the pallet and these are what stood out in the end. I recommend getting down to 12 West at your earliest convenience because the beer being made there is no joke. It’s located in an area that is only going to grow in popularity and I think 12 West is going to have a lot to do with that growth.

Nate Libby – Hoppy Craftsmen Blog Writer – feedmehops@outlook.com